Below are some samples of what we do.


Electrical Control for Gear Cutting Machine

This renowned customer manufactures gears and hobs. The machinery they use is very specialized. Over time, the older controls were causing substantial downtime and parts were very hard to find. Buying a new specialized machine would be very expensive. Our engineering staff converted the old mechanical P.I.V controls to modern AC Drives and off-the-shelf motors for a fraction of the price of buying a new machine. Refurbishing old machines is one of Riverside’s specialties.


250 HP Drive for Pump Application

ABB can supply drives in a variety of enclosure styles. This chassis version allowed the 250 HP drive to be mounted in a free-standing cabinet complete with air-conditioning, circuit breaker disconnect and fusing. The ABB ACS800 drive comes standard with DriveAP or Adaptive Program. The Adaptive Program with 15 function blocks could be compared to a miniature PLC, and is programmable for a variety of custom control requirements.


Mixer & pump electrical control

Featuring both variable speed drive and softstart application, Our customer had purchased a used attritor or mixer. We were able to retrofit new controls onto an older machine and save the customer thousands of dollars. Call us for your retrofit application needs.


Wastewater Application: Utilizing Large and Small Drives

In this application, 30 ABB ACS600 AC Drives were mounted onto the wall in the control room. Fiber optic networking was incorporated for the communications means. Using the ABB drives with your existing motors is no problem at all. With ABB Direct Torque Control, precise speed control is possible without any type of feedback device. The drive keypad for programming and monitoring is simple to use and all parameters are displayed in plain English.


Explosion Proof Capabilities

This explosion-proof panel was built for an overseas application. Yes, we can also do Hazardous (Classified) Location Enclosures.


Fresh Water Pumping Station

On this particular application, each drive cabinet is controlling a 150 HP pump. Special control connections and macros were used to enable a constant flow rate or constant pressure to be maintained. The drives can also operate in a “lead/follower” mode which in essence is equivalent to a 250 HP pump. Full voltage bypass was also requested and built in to the control cabinets.